August 12, 2022

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What is Index to Current Urban Documents (ICUD)?

What type of subscriptions options are available?

How do I order?

How can we access ICUD?

We are having access problems. What should we do?

Who do we contact with a non technical question?

What is Index to Current Urban Documents (ICUD)? [Top]

ICUD contains over 27,000 reports generated by local government agencies, civic organizations, academic and research organizations, public libraries, and metropolitan and regional planning agencies from more than 500 major cities in the United States and Canada. The core of the collection are fiscal (budgets and financial reports) and architecture & planning documents (city, county and regional plans). The Index also provides information for all urban-related issues, from hazardous waste disposal to arts in the community.

Since 1972, ICUD is the result of a unique cooperation between ILM Corporation, state and municipal governments, academic and public libraries who submit local government documents for inclusion in the Index. If you are interested in becoming a contributor or would like more information about ILM Corporation and ICUD, please contact us.

The ICUD is a fully searchable index with full text documents in PDF format. Currently, the online ICUD begins with Volume 29. The Index and documents are updated weekly. Subscriptions may begin at any time. A free demo is available for you to evaluate the ICUD. Please review our license agreement before proceeding.

What types of subscriptions options are available? [Top]

Full: $5000 per year

Regional: $2000 per year

Index only: $500 per year

Subscription Terms

  • ICUD is available on a rolling basis, so subscriptions may start at any time
  • Subscriptions expire after one year
  • Email renewal reminders are sent automatically
  • Subscriptions are not automatically renewed at this time
  • Click this link for more details.

How do I order? [Top]

You must complete the purchase order available online to start the subscription process. At this time, subscriptions are not automatically renewed, which means that you will need to complete the PO process each subscription year.

Generally speaking, access to the product will be enabled within 72 hours of receipt and confirmation of purchase order if submitted online. An invoice will be mailed soon thereafter.

Instructions for submitting PO:

Fill out the PO and submit it online
Print and fax it: 540-898-3762
Print and mail it:
ILM Corporation
600 Lafayette Blvd.
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

How can we access ICUD? [Top]

Our system supports online access via unique user name and password or IP address recognition. Users should have cookies enabled on their browser and a static IP address. We recommend signing up for the demo before purchasing to check these settings. Please contact Tech Support with any questions.


Regular subscriptions are usually set up to allow access for an IP address range. The subscriber will be provided with a username and password but will not need it unless accessing ICUD from a remote location or if using a roaming IP address.

We are having access problems. What should we do? [Top]

For any problems with logging in, accessing PDFs, or any part of the product, or if you need immediate assistance, please fill out our online Tech Support form or contact us at 1-540-898-1406 ext. 130 or email us at Issues will be processed during normal business hours.

Who do we contact with a non technical question? [Top]

Production, subscription, editorial, and Web site related issues should be referred to or

These issues include:

  • Suggestions for Changes to the Demo or Web site
  • Incorrect Links or Suggestions for Additional Links
  • Questions about Purchase Orders or Setting Up Subscriptions/Special Demos, etc.
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